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Econsultancy.com Case Study: Optimisation from the Publisher's Perspective

By Ashley Friedlein,

54-slide PowerPoint presentation by Ashley Friedlein, CEO, Econsultancy. The presentation was given as the Keynote for the Emetrics Optimisation Summit conference in London on 17 May 2010. The presentation looks at how Econsultancy goes about off site 'social media optimisation'. 

The presentation has five main sections:

1. Why ‘Social Media Optimisation’? - the business case for why Econsultancy invests in offsite social media optimisation

2. Identifying the influencers - the tools and approaches Econsultancy uses to identify the influencers online

3. Enaging with the influencers - how Econsultancy engages with the influencers

4. Measuring success - the metrics, tools and approaches that Econsultancy users to measure the success of our social media efforts

5. A word on the “Social Media Marketing Manager” - Econsultancy employ a 'Social Media Marketing Manager' and the presentation explains why, the role and responsibilities


  • Powerpoint Disabled Econsultancy.com Case Study: Optimisation from the Publishers Perspective (3.63 MB Microsoft PowerPoint)

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