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Facebook Innovation Briefing

By Christian Gladwell, Econsultancy,

This 50+ slide presentation was delivered at an Econsultancy trends briefing during April 2011.

Inside, it explores Facebook and the associated innovation, trends, strategies and future possibilities to help understand and leverage this popular, but complex, platform through 2011 and beyond.

With more than half a billion regular active users, Facebook is an area digital marketers shouldn’t be ignoring. But where do you start and what do you do?

This presentation explores how companies are currently being active within the social network giant and where things are heading in the future, giving you inspiration and preparation to successfully engage with users in new and exciting ways.

Packed with cutting edge examples, the presentation will challenge the way you approach your social media strategy and stimulate you to think laterally about your brand's presence in an ever-changing social environment.

It has been created specifically for Econsultancy by Christian Gladwell, MD of Human Digital, business intelligence and social strategic insight specialists.

A few of the topics covered within the presentation include:

  • Owned Media
  • The social graph
  • Understanding influence Facebook Commerce
  • Using Pages as Content ‘Channel’
  • Crowd-sourcing
  • Facebook Places and Deals
  • Metrics versus KPIs
  • Facebook as an Insights Tool
  • The Integrated Picture


  • Pdf Disabled Facebook Innovation Briefing (7.33 MB PDF)

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