Every January for the last 10 years, Econsultancy’s founder Ashley Friedlein has captured the future of marketing, digital and ecommerce for the Econsultancy community.

His trends articles are some of the most popular and hotly debated pieces of content we publish, with insights covering everything from the future of ecommerce to the search for trust and the shape of marketing in 2030.

Watch the live premiere of the new Marketing & Digital Trends for 2021 and Beyond, covering Ashley’s much anticipated predictions, alongside a panel discussion with brand leaders and a Q&A session.

This webinar looks at the following trends for 2021:

  1. Doubling-down on Digital Transformation
  2. The Year of Reconnection
  3. Decentralisation is Back
  4. Tech Gets Regulated
  5. The Learning Imperative
  6. The Augmented Marketer
  7. Experiencing Fast, Experiencing Slow
  8. Live Commerce
  9. Digital Bothism
  10. Digital’s Inconvenient Truth