With an increasing number of organisations ordering its workforces to work from home for the foreseeable future, businesses, teams and individuals alike are facing new and unprecedented challenges.

Econsultancy’s Effective Remote Working for Marketers Best Practice Guide provides practical advice for empowering successful and powerful remote working. Also drawing on the results of the Covid-19 Business Impact survey, conducted in mid-March 2020, this guide offers a look at how businesses in the UK and North America are reacting to the pandemic.

The guide seeks to equip marketers with the essential techniques for effective remote working, covering:

  • How to remotely run teams, projects and campaigns by establishing robust communication channels and schedules
  • Personal strategies for maintaining productivity and minimising procrastination
  • How to create a home office that supports your work process and keeps distractions to a minimum
  • Tips for working from home while taking care of younger children
  • How to ensure the engagement and motivation of team members does not wane in the weeks or months to come.