As an increasing number of organisations encourage their employees to work from home, notably in light of the recent spread of coronavirus, this short online course will provide marketers with the essential techniques to empower successful and powerful remote working for teams and individuals.


This webinar will provide participants with critical best practice learning around how to optimise remote and virtual working, covering a number of key themes:

  • How to maximise efficiency when working from home, managing email and communication to work for you as well as your boss
  • Running effective virtual meetings and how to ensure they are optimised for time, decision-making and outputs
  • Using remote working as an opportunity for deep work, and how to schedule your day for different types of work
  • Setting a team up to work remotely, the critical elements to consider to plan for success, using technology effectively for efficient communication
  • Optimising remote team collaboration on projects and campaigns, how to manage remote teams and workers to maintain team spirit and trust, and how to optimise and manage performance across distributed teams
  • Managing virtual interviews, events, training, agency relationships


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