As the role of email marketing continues to grow in complexity and importance, it has never been more critical for organisations to assess and consider their current email capabilities.

The Email Marketing Platforms Buyer’s Guide 2015, which has a global focus, looks at market trends within the section, with profiles of 24 leading vendors, as well as advice for buyers looking for an email service provider.

What you’ll learn from this research

  • Understand how the shift to customer centricity and technological advances is reshaping the email marketing landscape
  • Identify wihch questions and issues need to be considered when shortlisting potential email service providers
  • Learn about 24 leading email marketing platforms and understand their market positioning

Who is this guide aimed at?

The guide is primarily aimed at organisations who are in the process of looking for an email service provider or are reviewing the capabilities of their current vendor. The report is also relevant for anyone with an interest in the current state of the global marketplace.

For additional guidance in shortlisting and selecting email vendors, also download the recently updated Email Marketing Request for Proposal report.

Key trends highlighted in the report

  • Proven ROI and increased value in sales lead to growth of email
  • Cross-channel marketing takes email to the next level
  • The influence of mobile cannot be ignored
  • Marketers yet to take full advantage of automation
  • Personalisation and integration are the future of email

Features of the report

The 84-page report takes a look at recent trends in the industry, accompanied by an industry SWOT analysis.

There are also tips and pitfalls to selecting the right email service provider, followed by vendor market positioning charts and full profiles of 24 global analytics vendors.

Example vendor market positioning chart