Having a solid and effective communications strategy is essential for delivering campaigns that reach customers at the right time, with the right message.

This report, part of Econsultancy’s series of Email Marketing Best Practice Guides, is designed to help marketers develop a strategy for the delivery of email communications that are helpful, relevant and highly personalised. It covers:

  • The email audit: A crucial first step to laying the groundwork for a strong communications strategy, what key elements should the audit include?
  • Helpful email marketing: In contrast to traditional brand-focused email strategies, ‘helpful email marketing’ puts the customer at the heart of communications. How should the principles of this approach inform strategy?
  • Rewarding loyalty: Loyalty schemes and email programmes are natural allies. What are the benefits for both brands and customers?
  • Automating email: An automation strategy helps marketers achieve the goal of maintaining email frequency and relevancy. What are some of the event triggers that could be used to send timely and helpful communications to customers?
  • Preferences and personalisation: Developing an email strategy that takes customers’ individual preferences into account is essential. How should brands manage customer preferences to avoid sending unwanted emails?