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Email Marketing Industry Census 2007

By Econsultancy,

There is a newer version of this report available: Email Marketing Industry Census 2016

The Email Marketing Industry Census, sponsored by Adestra, provides an insightful overview of a channel which continues to be perhaps the most vital tool in the online marketer's armoury.

This report follows a survey of more than 500 company and agency respondents which we believe makes it the most comprehensive UK-based study of its kind. The census looked at the amount and type of email marketing carried out by organisations, the way that email marketing is conducted and the extent to which success in this channel is being measured.

The report findings are divided into the following sections:

  • In-house or email service provider? (approach to email marketing and services / functionality being used).
  • Extent of email marketing activity, budget and return on investment.
  • Issues and barriers to effective email marketing.

The 38-page census report also contains three pages of recommendations to help organisations make the best use of email. Highlights from the findings include:

  • On average, companies are spending a fifth of their online marketing budget on email marketing (second only to website spend).
  • 81% of email marketers say they are not using email marketing as effectively as they could.
  • Almost half of email marketers surveyed do not know what their company's return on investment from email marketing is.


  • Word Disabled Email Marketing Industry Census (1.83 MB Microsoft Word)

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