A small but engaged list of subscribers is more effective than one with millions of inactive or undeliverable addresses. List quality is crucial for reaching customers’ inboxes. An active, healthy list is the foundation of all successful email campaigns.

This report, part of Econsultancy’s series of Email Marketing Best Practice Guides, explains how to grow and maintain subscriber lists to ensure deliverability and engagement. It covers:

  • Calculating value: What is the value of an email address? A good starting point for any email programme is to calculate the average value of an acquired address.
  • Acquisition: List growth is a gradual process and requires a ‘permission-first’ approach. How can brands optimise their opt-in practices?
  • Data correction: List quality is measured by the accuracy of the data and subscriber activity. What steps can email marketing teams follow to ensure their lists are up to date?
  • Deliverability: From building trust with customers in the inbox to reviewing content for spam characteristics, how can marketers ensure their messages will be delivered consistently?