The Embracing Digital Transformation in the Pharma and Healthcare Sectors report looks at the opportunities that digital presents in these sectors, how they are responding to the changing needs of customers, the challenges companies are facing in digitally transforming themselves and how they are approaching these challenges.


We carried out a series of in-depth interviews with senior digital professionals from across a range of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies to understand how they were responding to different opportunities and challenges.

Companies interviewed included Alere Inc, Fermenta Biotech Limited, GSK Consumer Healthcare, MSD AP, Lenovo Health, Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide (OCHWW), Roche Products Limited and Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

We also looked at sector-specific data from our 2016 Digital Trends report published earlier this year.

You’ll discover findings around:

  • Why companies need to have digital transformation on their agenda.
  • How companies are responding to the changing needs of customers and putting them at the centre of everything.
  • Ways in which companies are looking at digital and how it can support interactions with their customers.
  • How companies are focusing on optimising content as a top digital opportunity and challenging the way they deliver content.
  • The need for change management to deliver digital transformation and how companies are driving this cultural shift.
  • How companies are demonstrating the value of digital and developing digital skills across their organisations.
  • The new opportunities and challenges from innovation and technology.
  • Overcoming the obstacles ahead as digital becomes more of a focus for companies.

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