Predictive analytics continues to be central to the most exciting opportunities in marketing; the delivery of great customer experiences, data-driven marketing focused on the individual, and the creation of compelling content for digital experiences. But it remains a challenging discipline that many organisations continue to struggle with.This report builds on two previous studies by Econsultancy and RedEye (the Predictive Analytics and Achieving Predictive Maturity reports), each looking at the extent to which brands are embracing predictive analytics and marketing, at the barriers to increased maturity, and at the opportunities afforded by its future use. 


This year’s Embracing Predictive Marketing report, the third in the series, follows a survey of 400 marketers carried out in 2016, and a series of qualitative interviews with senior practitioners conducted last year. This latest report revisited some of those interviewees and added others, supplementing the insights from these conversations with data from related survey-based Econsultancy reports. The following themes are featured in the report:
  • Data-driven marketing requires a data-led organisation
  • Data quality is still a stumbling block for many businesses
  • The ability to deliver insights must be matched by the capacity to action them
  • Artificial intelligence is the key to making sense of data at scale, but few companies are ready to exploit it
  • The customer as a compass



Econsultancy would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this report:

  • Helena Andreas, CMO, Nordea
  • Jack Daniel, Director of Digital, Molson Coors
  • Javier Diez-Aguirre, VP Corporate Marketing, CSR & Environment, Ricoh
  • Adrian Hado, Head of Insights, Analytics and Customer Experience Design, Asia Miles
  • David Hoyle, Lead Data Scientist, AutoTrader
  • Simon Kaffel, Head of Data, Reporting, Insight and Control, HSBC
  • Katrina King, Director of Customer Value & Experience, Direct Line Group
  • Colin Lewis, CMO, OpenJaw Technologies
  • Paul Morris, Global Ecommerce Director, Specsavers
  • Iain Noakes, Chief Customer Journey Officer, The Economist
  • Paul Randle, Consultant
  • Terry Rydzynski, Senior Optimisation Manager, Camelot
  • Chris Worle, Director of Digital Strategies, Hargreaves Lansdown