The Enterprise Priorities in Digital Marketing report, produced by Econsultancy in partnership with Teradata, provides guidance for the future through specific benchmarks from digital marketing leaders at enterprise organisations.

The report focuses on the technology priorities of the world’s largest companies, the strategies they support and the marketing budgets with which they’re aligned.

The report is based on an international survey of 402 senior marketers (director and above) from global enterprises. Respondents were from companies with more than $500 million in revenue, with 56% having revenues over $3 billion.

You’ll discover trends around:

  • Strategic direction and the tools to get there
  • Digital budgets
  • Technology spending and characteristics
  • Investment in acquisition and retention marketing
  • Allocation of budgets to earned, owned and paid media

Key findings

  • Current and near-term plans for the technologies of customer analysis and experience are a validation that companies are moving away from simple platitudes towards optimizing the investment of their hard-won budgets.
  • There is a focus on understanding the customer and their context (location, time, behaviors, etc.), which is driving an unprecedented demand for the technology.
  • 86% of enterprise companies are practicing some form of personalization, although fewer than 20% are doing so in real-time.
  • Experience plays a larger role than data when it comes to budget decisions.
  • Looking ahead to next year, mobile will continue to be an area of emphasis, with 34% of marketing leaders saying they plan on significant increase.