This infographic highlights the key statistics relating to the EU ‘cookie law’. Two of Econsultancy’s studies are included, which reveal what consumers and marketers think about cookies / the new law.

The EU e-Privacy Directive requires all UK website owners to amend their website by 26 May. Website owners have been mandated by Europe, and the ICO in the UK, to provide better guidance to visitors about how cookies are used.

The infographic includes stats and tips from Econsultancy’s best practice guide, called ‘EU Cookie Law: A Guide To Compliance‘. The 40-page report explains the legislation and how it affects UK online businesses. It goes on to advise web managers on the practical steps that they can take towards compliance, and includes ideas on how websites can gain users’ consent for setting cookies, as well as a number of real world examples.

Econsultancy is currently helping a number of European companies navigate the road to compliance. If you’d like some help email us at

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EU Cookie Law: The conundrum in numbers [Infographic]