Best Practice

Facebook for Businesses in the Middle East and North Africa

By Husam Jandal,

The Facebook for Businesses in the Middle East and North Africa Best Practice Guide explores in detail country-specific best practices for setting up and running a Facebook Business page in the MENA region.

The 67-page report, written by digital marketing practitioner, Husam Jandal, focuses on the platform, the users and the process, providing examples of businesses from various industries that have included Facebook in their marketing communication plans.

The Middle East has been experiencing massive growth in the use of social media, especially of Facebook, which is the leading social media platform in the region. The number of Facebook users doubled betweeen 2010 and 2011 and it is now estimated that there are more people consuming Facebook content in the region than reading newspapers.

Businesses are, as a result, feeling the pressure to be part of this platform to connect with their users, through marketing, promotions, customer service and support, as well as sales and lead generation.

This report will provide businesses with the knowledge of factors specific to the MENA region, that should be taken into consideration when creating a Facebook strategy, including culture, languages, behaviour and demographics.

This report for the Middle East includes sections on:

  • Regional trends and statistics
  • The audience
  • The process
  • The platform
  • Case studies
  • Facebook tools

Webinar with report author Husam Jandal

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. About the author – Husam Jandal
    2. About Econsultancy
  2. Foreword
  3. Regional trends and statistics
    1. Facebook penetration
    2. Demographics
    3. Facebook marketing
  4. Meet the Audience
    1. End users
      1. Demographics
      2. Geography
      3. Psychographics
    2. Regulators
      1. Government
      2. Facebook
      3. The company
    3. Competitors
  5. Follow the Process
    1. Business objectives
    2. Team assembly
    3. Rules and policies
    4. Web integration
    5. Content strategy
    6. Business integration
    7. Reputation management
    8. Outsourcing
    9. Measurement
      1. Facebook Insights
      2. Google Analytics
    10. Tools
    11. Testing
    12. Risk management
  6. Understand the Platform
    1. Visibility formula
    2. Tagging
    3. Status updates
    4. Conversations
    5. Sharing
    6. Plugins
    7. Questions
    8. Personal profiles
    9. Notes
    10. Optimisation
    11. Applications
  7. Case Studies
    1. Airline
    2. Automotive
    3. Banking
    4. E-commerce
    5. Fashion
    6. Food
    7. FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
    8. Health and beauty
    9. Hospitality
    10. Internet
    11. Retail
    12. Technology
    13. Telecoms
  8. Facebook Tools

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A free sample is also available for those who want more detail about what is in the report.


The report proved invaluable to me recently as a source of both information about the region, together with more practical considerations around the setting up of a Facebook page itself. The case studies also proved a very useful addition. Overall, an excellent report which was well researched. Looking forward to future versions of the report in what must be one of the fastest growing regions for social business uptake globally.

Guy Stephens - Social Business Consultant, IBM


  • Pdf SAMPLE: Facebook for Businesses in the Middle East and North Africa (1.05 MB PDF)
  • Pdf Disabled Facebook for Businesses in the Middle East and North Africa (2.59 MB PDF)

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