Econsultancy’s Facebook Pages for Business Best Practice Guide has been produced specifically with the aim of helping organizations and brands design and implement their Facebook pages for maximum effect, no matter what the objective.

This 100+ page document contains sections ranging from building an internal business case for a Facebook presence through to understanding internal strategy and moderation.

The guide also contains a comprehensive, 50-point checklist of best practice issues and their associated success factors that you’ll need for your Facebook activity.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. About this report
    2. About Econsultancy
  2. Facebook statistics
    1. Facebook usage
    2. Facebook pages
    3. Facebook in business
    4. Facebook demographics
  3. The business case for investing in your Facebook pages
  4. Getting started
    1. Setting your goals
    2. Basic apps you should add to your page
    3. How to make a Facebook page
    4. How to create a killer Facebook Timeline
    5. How to use the Admin Panel
    6. Personalised views for fans
    7. Displaying your content
    8. The Activity Log
    9. How to create a fantastic Facebook app
    10. How to create a wonderful user experience
    11. Make Facebook your social media hub
    12. How to create compelling content for your page
    13. Moderating the conversation
    14. Putting yourself on the map
    15. Don’t be afraid to experiment
      1. Tools to track your success
    16. Turn your Facebook page into an f-commerce site
  5. Measurement and ROI
  6. Case study: Macy’s
    1. The Timeline
    2. Functionality and design
    3. Visibility and SEO
    4. Content
    5. Customer service and page management
  7. Checklist
  8. Resources and further reading
    1. Econsultancy reports
    2. Econsultancy articles
    3. Econsultancy training
    4. External resources