Understanding the customer is vital for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition. Analytics tells brands the ‘who’ and the ‘what’, but market research provides the critical ‘why’. With this customer awareness, businesses can make better, more effective decisions, making market research a crucial part of the insight ecosystem.

This best practice guide looks at the value of market research within the broader insight mix and provides a framework for planning, conducting and analysing quality research. It covers:

  • The business case: Amid shifting market contexts, what are the potential benefits of investing in market research, and how can marketers win buy-in?
  • Resources: How can organisations structure in-house research teams, and when should they outsource?
  • Methodology: From setting objectives to selecting an approach and defining a sample, what are the key planning stages for any research project?
  • Analysis: How do researchers turn data into insight, and then into action?
  • Ethics: What are the key codes of conduct for ensuring quality data is collected and ethical practices are followed?