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Future Trends Innovation Briefing

By Neil Perkin, Econsultancy,

This 140+ slide presentation was delivered at an Econsultancy trends briefing during February 2011.

Inside, it explores the strategies you need to help future-proof your brand in 2011 and beyond.

The media and communications landscape continues to develop at a blistering pace, with consumer behaviour adapting rapidly to new technologies and platforms, making it critical for brands to be ready for the future. 

As clients play an ever more active role in the content ecosystem, new opportunities are opening up for brands to connect and interact with their customers in new and exciting ways.

Packed with cutting edge examples, the presentation will challenge the way you approach your communication strategy and stimulate you to think laterally about your brand's presence in an ever-changing world.

It has been created specifically for Econsultancy by Neil Perkin, the founder of Only Dead Fish, a digital and media consultancy that specialises in applying strategic understanding of social and emerging media technologies, to help businesses innovate and optimise their effectiveness within the new, networked communications environment. 

A few of the topics covered within the presentation include: 

  • Changes in consumer behaviour
  • Developments in technology
  • The expanding role of owned and earned media in the media ecosystem
  • New platforms, new interaction – especially focusing on the iPad and apps
  • The changing role of data in content - including data visualisation, mobile, location, data mash-ups
  • Digital content as a service, social commerce
  • Agile marketing & content - how brands can be more adaptive and responsive in the new connected, always on, real-time, environment


  • Pdf Disabled Future Trends Innovation Briefing (11.3 MB PDF)

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