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Guide to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

By David Reilly,

This report is a guide to using LinkedIn for marketing purposes (both from a strategic and functional point of view), helping B2B marketers to extract maximum value from LinkedIn's comprehensive range of products and features.

We have specifically designed this document to be easily understood, supported by visual examples and case studies so that recommendations can be readily taken on board by time-poor B2B marketers on the ground.

What you will learn

The guide begins by explaining the fundamentals of building a compelling LinkedIn profile. This includes a brief discussion of the pros and cons of the various subscriber accounts. It concludes with a list of recommendations about how to utilise the various profile features and how these can be used collectively to generate ‘trust signals’ to position you as a top-ranking business professional.

This document examines how LinkedIn provides a formidable commercial opportunity for content marketing via the following solutions:

  • Company pages
  • Sponsored updates
  • SlideShare
  • Groups
  • Pulse

LinkedIn’s advertising opportunities are also examined, including onsite display advertising, network display advertising, sponsored updates and sponsored InMails. The functionality, use cases and elements for successful execution will be examined for each solution in turn.

Further opportunities for B2B marketers will be discussed including setting up your own group, best practice guidelines around managing your profile and making use of LinkedIn for professional networking. Each LinkedIn product is underpinned by robust tracking and measurement tools.

The report will conclude with a brief overview of LinkedIn Elevate, a tool for harnessing the power of employees to support them in acting as influencers on behalf of the organisation.

Contributing Authors

David Reilly

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David Reilly is a founder and former Board Director of Barracuda Digital (2006 to 2013) and now a Digital Consultant. His passion is exploring future technology trends, delivering training workshops and writing about topics such as digital acquisition, content marketing, B2B marketing, strategy and what it means to thrive in the digital world.

David runs the ‘Future Thinking in Digital Marketing Meetup Group’ exploring the likely impact of future technology disruptions:

Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. What is LinkedIn?

3. Why is LinkedIn a Boon in your Marketing Toolkit?

4. Company Pages

5. LinkedIn Groups

6. About Pulse: The LinkedIn Publisher Platform

7. An Overview of LinkedIn Advertising Opportunities

8. LinkedIn as a Content Marketing Platform

9. Case Study: Leveraging the Networked Power of Employees for Content Marketing

10. LinkedIn’s Mobile Apps

11. Appendix


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