This report focuses on the Healthcare industry, looking at how healthcare marketing is evolving in response to a number of factors in personal and professional technology, media consumption and consumer behavior. In an industry unused to change, healthcare companies are moving in fits and starts and at very different speeds. The changes occurring offer an enormous opportunity to experts and innovators who can help steer a new course.


The report is based on findings from an online survey fielded in September 2015 in partnership with Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide and OgilvyRED.

The survey link was disseminated to select Econsultancy, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide and OgilvyRED lists, and the sample reflects a range of industries within healthcare. The study was aimed at midmarket to large organizations, and all respondents were at manager level or above.

You’ll discover findings around:

  • How digital technology has disrupted the healthcare industry
  • How far digital permeates marketing programs within the industry
  • How healthcare companies create and manage innovation
  • The state of digital technology within the industry
  • Limitations and future objectives for digital marketing over the next few years.