Perhaps the greatest challenge businesses and marketing teams face is to adapt to changing customers and markets. Among large company executives, only 20% say that their organisations can effectively respond to these shifts over time.

Time and again, data and experience tell us that employees are the most important variable in a businesses’ growth in the digital age; their skills, capabilities and mindset determine success or failure.

In a follow up to original research conducted in 2016, Econsultancy’s all new How Marketers Learn research looks at how organisations and marketers individually can excel on the human side of digital transformation.

Econsultancy’s Trends Webinar for July 2019, hosted by Stefan Tornquist, discovers some of the key findings from both stakeholder interviews and a survey of over 450 marketers and executives tasked with skills development and training.

Covered in this session:

  • How you can supercharge your career, regardless of your role.
  • What are the costs and benefits of effective learning and development? Making the business case for training in a world of rapid staff turnover.
  • Key areas of investment for maximum return on training expenditures.
  • Instilling a new mindset in a team/organisation
  • How do the most successful organisations differ from the mainstream when it comes to learning and development?