This report highlights the value of facilitating a learning culture in marketing teams and offers guidance on developing an organisational learning strategy.

Rapid changes in customer behaviour and digital markets have forced organisations to rethink the structure of their marketing teams. They want to take advantage of new tools and build the capabilities and tools that are available to the modern marketer.

The purpose of this research is to examine how marketers and marketing departments are approaching their own learning and development. This includes:

  1. Analysing how marketers are currently approaching professional development
  2. Identifying how successful organisations differ from the mainstream with regard to learning and development
  3. Evaluating whether organisations are doing a good job of supporting marketers with their professional development.

Econsultancy would like to thank the following people for their contributions:

  • Peter Abraham, Co-Founder, weareCrank, co-author of Building the Agile Business
  • Lucy Barker, Head of People, Rufus Leonard
  • Tracy Bizelli, L&D consultant
  • Cian Corbett, Digital Marketing and Innovation Brand Manager, Group Marketing, Allied Irish Bank
  • Vanessa Daly, Senior Marketing Executive, Third Light Limited
  • Danny Denhard, Marketing Director, JustGiving
  • Andy Dorling, General Manager, Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM)
  • Matt Duffy, CMO, Pixability
  • Andy Evans, CMO, Sovrn
  • Brad Einarsen, Senior Director, Social Media, Klick Health
  • Matt Fleming, CEO, Read Modify Write
  • Nicholas Foote, Senior Director of Learning, Carhartt
  • Carey Franklin-McInnes, Director, Learning & Performance Development, Canada Life
  • Mindy Gofton, Head of Marketing Strategy & Innovation, I-COM
  • Lee Grunnell, Brand Strategy Director, Thirteen
  • Ian Jindal, Founder, Internet Retailing
  • Paul Jocelyn, The Learning Performance Institute
  • Colin Kavanagh, VP, Global Marketing, Malibu & Kahlua
  • Colin Lewis, CMO, OpenJaw Technologies
  • Aoife McIlraith, Senior Director of Global Search and Marketing Services, Lionbridge Technologies
  • Neil McKinnon, CMO, Infectious Media
  • Kath Pay, Founder and CEO, Holistic Email Marketing
  • Neil Perkin, Founder, Only Dead Fish
  • Casey Schaffer, Assistant Director, IPS Learning Innovation & Strategy, Northwestern Mutual
  • Simon Swan, Head of Digital & Ecommerce, UK & Ireland, Perrigo Plc
  • Pamela Trickey, Global Learning & Development Manager – Health, Reckitt Benckiser
  • Sarah Znideric, Client Services Director, Good Growth Limited