This report highlights the value of facilitating a learning culture in marketing teams and offers guidance on developing an organisational learning strategy.

Embracing a culture of learning and development (L&D) is crucial for marketing teams who want to remain agile and adaptable in an era of exponential change. But what does a good development strategy look like, and how can marketing teams align their L&D objectives with organisational goals?

In this report, Econsultancy presents the business case for developing an L&D strategy, and demonstrates how businesses that embed a learning culture will be better able to manage continuous improvement in people, processes and technology and thus remain competitive. It notes that the ability to learn faster than the competition may be a driver in maintaining a competitive advantage.

The report is based on interviews with experts and a survey among more than 200 senior marketers. It also distils the academic and professional literature on the topics of how marketers’ learning and development is managed.


  • Aoife McIlraith, Senior Director of Global Search and Marketing Services, Lionbridge Technologies
  • Ian Jindal, Founder, Internet Retailing
  • Kath Pay, Founder and CEO, Holistic Email Marketing
  • Patrick Mills, Director of Professional Development, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA)
  • Paul Jocelyn, former Head of Marketing Capability, Tesco
  • Peter Abraham, Co-Founder, weareCrank, Co-Author of Building the Agile Business

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