With rapidly evolving markets, shifting consumer behaviour and the emergence of new technologies, there has never been a greater focus on CX strategy and execution. This report is designed to provide marketers with a good fundamental knowledge of CX strategy and to support this with pragmatic advice and guidance on execution.

The report includes essential models and frameworks for developing a CX strategy, relevant case studies and guidance to support implementation. It is intended to be useful for marketing and customer experience-focused practitioners, as well as leaders in other disciplines.

It covers:

  • How CX is driving competitive advantage and building greater business resilience for those organisations that are willing to invest
  • Ways to identify audiences and customers that matter to a business and how to generate personas that bring those segments to life
  • How to use customer journey mapping to identify critical areas for improvement and optimisation
  • The role technology and data play in enabling great CX and approaches to tech investment to support more personalised, omnichannel delivery
  • How to measure the impact of a CX strategy and solid frameworks for identifying areas for improvement and to track progress.