This is the second report in our ‘Masters of CX’ series. Written by co-founder and CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, Lee Odden, Influencing the Influencers – The Magic of Co-Created Content outlines and explains best practices for working with and influencing influencers to co-create content.

Businesses and consumers alike are facing a deluge of options when it comes to making information choices. Brands are publishing more content than ever and so are consumers – there are 250 million Tumblr and blogs alone.

Brands are faced with the reality that the majority of the content they produce might never be discovered or engaged with.

What’s a faster and more effective way to connect with a target audience than building thought leadership from scratch and simply paying to play? Working with influencers that already have authority and credibility with the target audience you want to reach.

What you’ll learn from this report

Whether your brand is engaging with influencers to provide useful information or you’re co-creating content with influencers to create a useful industry resource that will be shared with new communities, there’s a value exchange that can benefit everyone involved.

This report discusses how content marketing is the top priority for marketers and one of the most exciting opportunities in the field.

However, even when companies are able to produce high quality, relevant content on a regular basis, the challenge of distribution and reach plagues many. Part of the solution is to connect content creation with influencers that already have communities they engage with on the same topics.

Content is the key to that value transfer between brand and consumer, brand and influencer and for the overall community involved.

Features of the report

In this latest Masters of CX report, Lee Odden outlines and explains best practices for working with and influencing influencers to co-create content:

  • Identify influencer program goals
  • Research, engage and recruit influencers
  • Develop co-created content with influencers
  • Inspire content promotion
  • Influencer measurement and program optimization
  • Ongoing influencer relationships

About the author

Lee Odden

Lee Odden is co-founder and CEO of TopRank Online Marketing and the author of Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing.

About the series

The Masters of CX is a series of briefings from industry heavyweights on the new keys to outstanding customer experience.

We’re delighted to be working with some of the most influential authors within digital marketing: Jay Baer, Brian Clark, Mitch Joel, Ted Rubin and Mark Schaefer.

Econsultancy will be releasing these unique reports over the coming months, along with dedicated webinar sessions where you can gain insight from the authors on the key issues raised.