The Innovation Best Practice Guide is Econsultancy’s most wide-reaching report on the topic of innovation.

The report details tried and tested approaches to innovation that are designed to be practical tools to help you think differently and create new things.

It challenges notions about startups, offers advice on embedding an innovative culture within organisations and explains that innovation is as much to do with reframing a message or your marketing as coming up with new products.

About the author

This report was written by Steffan Aquarone. Steffan is a UK entreprenuer in the film and technology sectors, has founded multiple startups and leads Econsultancy’s best practice guides programme as well as delivering training to clients around the world.


This guide has been put together and updated with the assistance of leading innovation professionals. They have kindly contributed their time and effort in producing this guide.

Contributors to the report include:

  • Mike Baxter, Goal Atlas
  • David Sharp, 10x at Ocado
  • Clint Hook, Experian
  • James Donkin, Ocado
  • Eric Weaver, XEROX
  • Sarah Churchman, PwC
  • Peter Robbins, GSK
  • Paul Coby, John Lewis Partnership
  • David Heinemeier Hansson, Basecamp