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Integrated Customer Experience Report

By Econsultancy,

The Integrated Customer Experience Report 2013, carried out in association with CACI, examines how organizations are approaching the topic, and what they regard as key factors for success. This report is based on a survey of nearly 900 companies and agencies, carried out in June and July 2013.

The report explores commitment to customer experience strategy, which components are critical to customer experience success, the type of technology being used to deliver an integrated customer experience and much more.

The survey findings are divided into the following sections:

  • Customer experience strategy
  • Benefits and barriers
  • Key pillars for success
  • Technology used for integrated customer experience
  • Measurement
  • Ownership and budget
  • Improving customer experience

Highlights include:

  • Companies typically lack a strategy for integrated customer experience
  • Data, systems and processes: organizations seek to bridge the competency gap
  • Technology not fit for purpose is hindering development of customer experience
  • Marketers must measure the benefits
  • Individual web-related data is being underutilized

Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary and Highlights
    1. About Econsultancy
  2. Foreword, by CACI
    1. About CACI Ltd
  3. Methodology
  4. Findings
    1. Customer experience strategy
      1. Macro-level factors
      2. Relevance of customer touch points
      3. Commitment to customer experience
      4. How well developed is strategy?
      5. How integrated is customer experience?
    2. Benefits and barriers
      1. Benefits of an integrated customer experience
      2. Greatest barriers to improving customer experience
      3. Problems relating to integration
    3. Key pillars for success
      1. Key areas for delivering an integrated customer experience
      2. How well equipped are organizations across key pillars?
      3. Key organizational pillars: criticality versus competence
      4. Underlying factors needed for an integrated customer experience
    4. Technology used for integrated customer experience
    5. Measurement
      1. Metrics used to measure effectiveness
      2. Use of data to improve customer experience
    6. Ownership and budget
      1. Ownership of integrated customer experience
      2. Dedicated budget for improving customer experience
      3. Budget plans for improving customer experience
    7. Improving customer experience
      1. Most significant factor for improving customer experience
      2. Information and advice
  5. Appendix
    1. Respondent profiles
      1. Size of company revenue
      2. Business Sector
      3. Type of Agency
      4. Geography

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