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JUMP Magazine 2012


JUMP is Econsultancy's multichannel magazine in support of the multichannel event, JUMP, which takes place on October 10 in London and on  November 1 in New York.

"Joined-up" marketing and PR really matters. It can enhance the customer experience, while increasing engagement, satisfaction, sales and profits. JUMP will shine a bright light on the best practice in multichannel stategies.

In this issue of JUMP Magazine, the theme is "big data" but we also bring you insight on a number of areas that will help you to join up your business, including the socialization of customer service, innovative multichannel campaigns, mobile apps vs. websites, discounting, and how media growth trends.

For more information about the JUMP event and to book your place, please visit for our New York venue or for details on our London event.


In this issue of JUMP...


7 H&M and G+: a closer look at best practice

8 Paypal trials QR code shop in Singapore subway

10 Infographic: Airbnb thrives internationally, surpasses 5m nights booked

11 Net-A-Porter uses augmented reality to launch Karl Lagerfeld collection

13 Europe divided over multichannel communication says study


15 Five big ideas about discounting

16 Tear down that wall

18 Infographic: Pinterest’s role as referrer for retailers grows

19 YouTube users now upload an hour of footage every second

20 11 Examples of F-commerce for 2012


22 Q&A: Gnip President Chris Moody on the future of big data and analytics

25 Media growth trends 2012

27 Infographic: Display tips for marketers

28 Infographic: The state of social gaming

29 Customer service goes social

31 Mobile apps vs mobile websites – which is right for you?

32 Why we’re all thinking big data


34 4 proven steps to boost your online testing

37 SEO best practice guide: Mobile SEO

39 Can large companies be truly innovative?


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