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JUMP Magazine - Fall 2012

By Econsultancy,

JUMP is Econsultancy's multichannel magazine in support of the multichannel event, JUMP, which takes place on January 30 in New York.

"Joined-up", integrated marketing really matters. It can enhance the customer experience, while increasing engagement, satisfaction, sales and profits. JUMP will shine a bright light on the best practice in multichannel stategies.

In this issue of JUMP Magazine, we tackle three big themes: integrated marketing (it's not about the digital silo anymore!), the connectivity of online and offline via the Internet and, of course, "big data" as the glue that holds everything together. But we also bring you insight on a number of areas that will help you to join up your business, including social commerce, real-time bidding, attribution, analytics and more. 

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In this issue of JUMP 


  • Identity Resolution - The Key to Cross-Channel Attribution
  • Sharing Metrics will Move the Industry Forward
  • How to Succeed in Social Commerce


  • American Eagle: Bringing Offline to Online and Vice Versa
  • Television Networks Adope Rovio's Angry Birds Merchandising Strategy
  • Website Investment Still Key for Online Retailers Despite the Rise of Social and Mobile
  • AT&T Adworks to Bring TV, Mobile Data to Online Ad Targeting
  • Real Time Bidding Meets Multi-Channel in a Data Driven World
  • Nordstrom VP Warns Retailers "Put customers in driver's seat, or be dead by 2020'


  • Stores will Never Die with Omni-Channel Retailing
  • Companies Struggling to Perform Attribution and Online/Offline Measurement
  • Search Engine Marketing Roars Along, but Marketers Want More
  • Google's Rick Jones on Multichannel Retailing
  • Engagement with Social Media Campaigns
  • Team Social and Email for Better Results


  • Guiding Principals behind Making Measurement Make Sense
  • How Much Data is Produced Every Minute
  • Get SMART with Mobile
  • Five Tips for Better Customer Journey Analysis
  • How Can You Make the Best use of Site Search Data
  • Five Ways to Embrace Omni-Channel Retailing

Plus: the JUMP Event Preview - the latest on speakers, sessions, and all things JUMP!


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