Behavioural marketing strategies, tactics, channels and tools are fairly well-established and understood. Yet they don’t seem to have been as widely adopted as you might expect.

The Leveraging Customer Behaviours for Optimal Engagement report, produced in partnership with IBM, attempts to offer an overview of behavioural marketing trends in South-East Asia and to go into enough detail to help you, the marketer, feel prepared to take the next steps towards running a behavioural marketing campaign.

This report, written by Jeff Rajeck, looks at the opportunities afforded by behavioural marketing, while also offering a glimpse of the future with South-East Asia case studies from forward-thinking brands who are already capitalising on these techniques.

What you’ll learn

  • What behavioural marketing actually means and what some of the goals of behavioural marketing are – which all ultimately support achieving return on investment.
  • The strategies, techniques, channels and tools which all play a part in getting a new campaign off the ground, plus some tips on how to get started.
  • What the future of behavioural marketing holds – to put your current efforts into context.

Along the way, we include some great stories and real examples of companies who have used behavioural marketing techniques in their business.

Our aim is to offer you, the marketer, an overview of behavioural marketing strategies and technologies so that you will feel confident trying out and perhaps even implementing behavioural marketing for your business. Marketers new to this space will learn about the breadth of options available, while more experienced marketers can be inspired from our discussion of the details of real behavioural marketing campaigns.

Armed with this new information, we hope to help you get started with a behavioural marketing pilot or campaign. With this capability you can shorten the time to a conversion, increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Things all businesses want their marketing department to do.


The methodology involved two main phases:

  • Phase 1: desk research to identify relevant issues, examples and trends.
  • Phase 2: a series of in-depth interviews with a range of digital marketing and ecommerce practitioners.


The report features in-depth opinions from senior digital marketers and ecommerce professionals working for brands that are based or have operations in South-East Asia, including Emperador Distillers,, Luxola, Ookbee, Resort World Sentosa, Singapore Press Holdings, Sun Life Financial, Visa and Zalora.