This report examines the business opportunities of local SEO and advises how to prioritise and build a local SEO strategy. A range of recommended tools and analytics providers in the space will also be considered, which can help to provide more insight on where marketers and SEO practitioners should be focusing their attention. The intention of the report is to offer best practice thinking on how businesses can ensure that local SEO is a valuable investment of both time and money.

Econsultancy would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this report:

  • Syed Ali, Head of Search, iThinkMedia
  • Olga Andrienko, Head of Global Marketing, SEMrush
  • Seb Atkinson, Organic Search Manager, Selesti
  • Tim Capper, SEO Director, Online Ownership and Google Product Expert
  • Andrew Cock-Starkey, SEO Consultant, Optimisey
  • Neil Crist, VP of Product, Moz
  • Martin Fennon, Senior SEO Consultant, Ayima
  • Yan Gilbert, Founder, Local Falcon
  • Joy Hawkins, Founder, Sterling Sky
  • Chris Laas, Head of Digital Marketing, Etch UK
  • Euan Leopold, SEO and Content Specialist, Schuh
  • Judith Lewis, Econsultancy Trainer and Founder of DeCabbit Consultancy
  • Stuart Panter, Digital Performance Manager, Everest Media
  • Adam Reaney, Senior SEO Account Manager, SEO Works
  • Graham Ridley, Head of SEO, Mindshare