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Location-based Marketing Smart Pack

By Jake Hird, Econsultancy,

About this report

Econsultancy's Location-based Marketing report includes market trends, key statistics and case study examples of companies using physical consumer locations for marketing purposes.

The 15-page report, which looks at the main players in this increasingly important sector, is the second installment in the Econsultancy Smart Pack series, which looks at emerging areas of digital marketing.

The document includes sections on:

  • How this channel works in practice
  • Market trends and developments
  • Third-party statistics
  • An overview of the key players in the industry
  • Case studies of companies successfully using location-based marketing

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. About Econsultancy 
  2. What... is location-based marketing? 
  3. Why... is location-based marketing important? 
  4. Who... should I know about? 
  5. Market trends 
    1. Data and statistics 
    2. Marketplace developments 
      1. Applications are leading the way 
      2. Platforms are converging 
      3. Control of the messaging is increasingly being given to users 
      4. Facebook is trying to dominate the space 
  6. Case studies 
    1. Facebook 
    2. Foursquare 
    3. Gowalla 
    4. MyTown 
    5. Whrrl 
  7. Recommended reading 

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A free sample is available for those who want more detail about what is in the report.

Econsultancy has also published a Social Gaming Smart Pack, as part of this series. 


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