This report considers handmade cosmetics business Lush. It focuses on how the company’s embrace of social, new tech and ecommerce platform have enabled its rise and established it as one of the UK’s most loved brands.

The brand is characterised by its commitment to making beauty products with natural, ethically sourced ingredients that are not tested on animals. This approach has resonated with a new generation of customers, resulting in increased sales and profit.

For a business that reportedly doesn’t invest in global advertising, this is an impressive accomplishment. How did this independent brand reach such heights in such a short amount of time? This report considers Lush’s ‘un-marketing’ philosophy and takes a look at what lessons retailers can learn from the brand’s approach to content and social.

What you’ll learn

  • How Lush maintains its strong brand identity and engages a new generation of shoppers with social media
  • Lessons retailers can learn from Lush’s ecommerce platform and content strategy
  • How the brand’s investment in new technology aims to bridge the gap between the online and offline customer experience.