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M-commerce Innovation Briefing

By James Gurd, Econsultancy,

This 100+ slide presentation was delivered at an Econsultancy trends briefing during November 2011.

Inside, it provides digital marketers, both client and agency side, with insight into the variety of applications for M-commerce. 

Using a range of case studies this presentation looks at the creative use of mobile technology to support e-commerce in B2C and B2B markets.

With the rise in usage of smart devices and the inevitable excitement with the latest tablet playthings, this presentation is packed with stats marketers can use to understand the relevance of M-commerce to their business.

As well as covering the marketing potential, the current implications and applications of M-commerce, it takes a peek at what’s next and where mobile marketing is going in 2012 and beyond.

It has been created specifically for Econsultancy by James Gurd, an independent consultant, with more than a decade's worth of strategic digital experience. 

A few of the topics covered within the presentation include:

  • M-commerce today - The facts: a look at the stats on mobile usage and market growth and trends.
  • The framework for M-commerce - Mapping the different touch points that M-commerce has across your business, including its role in logistics and customer service.
  • Mobile apps and mobile stores - Using case studies to see how leading retailers are investing in mobile platforms to target specific customers and improve engagement and KPIs.
  • Geo-targeting content - Discussing the value of mobile in enabling local targeting of content to increase relevance.
  • Creativity in M-commerce - A review of the more enlightened uses of M-commerce including QR codes, Augmented reality and NFC.
  • B2B specifics - Focus on how B2B companies are using mobile solutions to improve their control and management of the buying cycle.
A full copy of the report is available as a PDF download.


  • Pdf Disabled M-commerce Innovation Briefing 9th Nov 2011 (10.7 MB PDF)

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