Event Presentations

Making Content Strategy Transformative

By Dr Mike Baxter,

Following our third Digital Transformation Conference - Making Content Strategy Transformative, you can now download the presentation slides. 

From content governance and a lack of common metrics to making a business case for content investment, we've seen the challenges that organisations face in their content transformation journey.

We hope the research and practical advice, alongside the roundtable discussions provided the insight to help you tackle those challenges and achieve digital excellence (through making your content strategy transformative). 

How we can help

Our Digital Transformation team regularly works with leading brands, advising them on their content strategy, covering issues such as:

  • Implementing proprietary frameworks to inform content strategy
  • Reviewing metrics, production and distribution channels
  • Acting as an independent third party to assist in supplier selection projects

If you want out to find out more how we can help, please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing transformation@econsultancy.com or calling us on 020 7269 1450.

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