Econsultancy’s Marketing Attribution: Understanding Value Across the Customer Journey, sponsored by Google Analytics, is a survey and collection of interviews with marketers about the benefits of attribution across multiple channels, various approaches and technologies used, and the keys to success.

About this report

The customer journey from early exposure to sale increasingly involves multiple exposures across multiple channels. Marketing attribution is the practice of divining what role each channel has played in influencing and informing the customer on their way to purchase.

Marketers continue to spend more on digital with every budget cycle, and they need to know how to best allocate across a bewildering array of options. Most attribution programs are in their early stages, and many marketers are struggling to find the information they know is out there. This report, produced by Econsultancy VP of Research (US) Stefan Tornquist, and sponsored by Google Analytics, uncovers the answers organizations desperately need in order to benchmark their efforts and succeed, using two phases of research:

  • A survey with 607 marketers from around the world.
  • Followup interviews about results, strategies, and tactics, with 22 marketers and agencies who are using marketing attribution in their work.
The report explores the opportunities and benefits of attribution, as well as the realities and challenges it presents:
  • What are marketers’ top priorities for attribution?
  • What benefits do organizations acheive?
  • How do different methodologies compare?
  • What are the principle obstacles to successful implementation?
  • What is the trajectory of marketing attribution within the industry?

Marketers who are thinking about, struggling to, or meeting early success with implementing an attribution program all stand to benefit from the results of this study. Marketers need to know, now, what channels are working, what isn’t, and how they interplay and assist one another.

Table of figures

Figure 1: Goals for Attribution

Figure 2: Benefits of Attribution

Figure 3: Most Common Methods of Attribution

Figure 4: Primary Attribution Technologies

Figure 5: Effectiveness of Attribution Methods

Figure 6: Primary Impact of Attribution on Digital Spending

Figure 7: Changes to Channel Investments Resulting from Attribution

Figure 8: Barriers to Attribution / Keys to Success