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Marketing Automation in Asia-Pacific Best Practice Guide

By Chris Lee,

The Marketing Automation in Asia-Pacific Best Practice Guide takes an unbiased look at the role of marketing automation technology in the region and explores the specific challenges, opportunities and implementation best practice. The report, sponsored by emarsys, a marketing technology and services provider, is essential reading for marketers based in Asia who want to have a clear understanding of customer journeys in their target markets and interact with them across the entire sales funnel.


This report does not endorse any specific vendor or organization, but looks at the key tenets of marketing automation technology. We talked to marketing and technology specialists across the region to get their opinions and experiences on what specific marketing automation strategies and tactics have been most successful for them, as well as the key challenges they faced when implementing their marketing automation programmes, be they external or internal, marketing or technical. We also spoke to analysts to learn more about how the APAC market is developing.

All interviews were conducted during August and September 2013. The report features interviews with emarsys customers, but all opinions are vendor-neutral and we are grateful for their transparency and insight.

This guide has been put together by Chris Lee, an experienced digital marketing consultant working for Grayling as Head of Social Media Knowledge, with the assistance of the following:

  • Grace Chan, EDM Specialist, Banggood
  • Herman Cheng, CEO,
  • Sam Davies, Co-Founder and Director, Zoober Digital
  • Yang Fang, Senior Brand Manager, Milanoo
  • George Frey, VP Marketing, emarsys
  • Gavin Heaton, VP and Principal Analyst - Digital Marketing Transformation, Constellation Research
  • Ohad Hecht, Regional Managing Director, APAC, emarsys
  • Hiral Jasani, Industry Analyst, Digital Media, Frost & Sullivan
  • Saleem Jumabhoy, Trainer & Consultant
  • Vienna Lee, Marketing Manager,
  • Stefan Tornquist, VP Research, Econsultancy
  • Bill Yao, Online Marketing Manager, Milanoo

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. About the author
    2. About Econsultancy
  2. Foreword by emarsys
    1. About emarsys
  3. What is Marketing Automation?
    1. Background
    2. Making the most of marketing automation
    3. Business drivers for marketing automation
  4. Starting Out With Marketing Automation
    1. Understanding the customer’s journey
    2. Where CRM meets marketing automation
    3. Implementing marketing automation: a team effort
    4. Selling marketing automation to the board
    5. What holds back marketing automation investment in APAC?
    6. Set realistic goals
  5. Meeting the Challenges of Implementing Marketing Automation
    1. Upskill for effective marketing automation
  6. Who Should Own Marketing Automation?
  7. Getting Marketing Automation off the Ground
    1. Email and online content marketing
    2. Lead nurturing and management
    3. Dynamic segmentation
    4. Social media marketing
    5. Analytics
    6. Frequency and cadence
    7. Mobile
  8. Measurement and Reporting
    1. Continuous testing
  9. Choosing a Supplier
    1. The available options
  10. The Future of Marketing Automation in APAC

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