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Marketing Budgets 2010

By Econsultancy,

The Marketing Budgets 2010: Effectiveness, Measurement and Allocation Report, produced by Econsultancy and global digital marketing provider ExactTarget, looks in detail at how companies are allocating their offline and online marketing budget in 2010. 

The report compares spending trends - and ability to measure ROI - across different 'traditional' and digital channels individually.  

More than 1,000 companies, mainly from the US and UK, participated in this research, which took the form of an online survey between December 2009 and January 2010.

The report includes the following sections:

  • Allocating marketing budgets
  • Measuring marketing effectiveness (and metrics used)
  • Change in overall and digital marketing budgets
  • Change in budgets for specific digital marketing channels (affiliate marketing, display, email, mobile, paid search, SEO and social media)
  • Change in budgets for specific offline marketing channels (direct mail, print media, radio, telemarketing, television)
  • Measuring effectiveness and return on investment (ROI)
  • Frequency of ROI measurement

Findings include:

  • Just under half (46%) of companies say they are planning to increase their overall marketing budget for 2010.
  • 70% of responding companies are planning to increase their budgets for off-site social media, for example on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • More than half of companies are planning to increase their budgets for mobile marketing.
  • The marketing channels where companies are most likely to be decreasing investment are print media (newspapers & magazines) and radio.
  • The majority of companies claim to have a good understanding of digital marketing return on investment.

You can download a free sample of this report to learn more, and to see the full Contents section.


  • Pdf SAMPLE: Marketing Budgets 2010 (415 KB PDF)
  • Pdf Disabled Marketing Budgets 2010 (1.42 MB PDF)

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