The Marketing Budgets 2015 Report, published by Econsultancy in association with Oracle Marketing Cloud, is a guide for the health of the marketing industry. It looks at the extent to which companies are increasing their budgets across a range of channels and technologies, comparing online and offline budgets while also looking at the balance between acquisition and retention marketing. The report compares spending trends – and ability to measure ROI – across different ‘traditional’ and digital channels.

Almost 600 companies participated in this research, which took the form of an online survey between December 2014 and January 2015.

What you’ll learn from this research

The report reveals marketers’ priorities for the next 12 months, while exploring the extent to which companies are committed to investing in marketing, the channels they are focusing their investment on, and the challenges they face in improving their capabilities in this area.

Key findings from the report 

  • Digital marketing budgets are set to reach an all-time high
  • Investment in digital marketing technology surges back
  • Marketers look beyond paid media, but ROI measurement issues hold them back
  • Acquisition marketing continues to be front of mind

Features of the report

This 64-page report looks in detail at how companies are allocating their online and offline marketing budgets in 2015. It explores the following areas:

  • Marketing focus
  • Marketing budgets
  • Investment in technology
  • Marketing effectiveness and ROI
  • Barriers to further investment
  • Most important area of digital focus in 2014

Who should read this report?

The report is essential reading for both in-house marketers and agency professionals around the world, as well as those outside who want to understand how marketing budgets and investment is evolving within the digital and traditional marketing fields.