An effective integration strategy is essential for maximising the results from any paid search campaign. The level of dependency on paid search fluctuates from industry to industry and business to business, and success comes from understanding how paid search combines with an organisation’s broader channel strategy.

This ensures that display, paid search, affiliate marketing, paid social, email and all other digital channels are interweaved across every platform in a meaningful and relevant way.

This report shows marketers how to embed paid search in a communications plan so it is integrated with other media channels and used to enhance and improve advertising activity. It covers:

  • SEO: Paid and organic search activity should work in tandem. What strategic considerations and potential challenges should advertisers watch out for?
  • Display advertising: Both display and paid search are important channels for generating demand. How can close integration of paid search and display activity improve conversions?
  • Media communications: Specific campaigns complement ongoing advertising efforts and typically involve a range of channels from press to TV and OOH. How can paid search integrate with overall media communications?
  • Measuring integration: Analysing the performance of an integrated marketing campaign is crucial for understanding what works and making adjustments for improvement. What steps should be taken and what tools can be used for effective measurement?

This report is part of Econsultancy’s Paid Search Best Practice Bundle and has been created with the help and frontline insight of expert paid search practitioners to help marketers succeed in their paid search strategy.