Artificial intelligence is able to bring together disparate data, platforms and technology to deliver against the ever-rising customer expectations. Consequently, marketers must continue to adapt. Indeed, they will need to adapt their jobs as all roles will be impacted by artificial intelligence, from creative directors to CMOs to advertising executives.

This is not the stuff of Hollywood films where menacing robots drive out humans, but the practical stuff of task-based artificial intelligence: narrowly focused powerful capabilities that artificial intelligence offers to marketers right now.

To thrive and survive in the AI revolution, marketers should engage with AI and not avoid it.

The Marketing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence report aims to demystify what AI is now and could be in the future, explaining why its adoption is driven by customer behaviour and why you should be thinking about artificial intelligence now.

The report also includes suggestions about how marketers can begin to engage with AI to gain a better understanding of its impact.

What you’ll learn

  • What artificial intelligence is and is not.
  • Why the age of artificial intelligence is upon us.
  • How artificial intelligence is changing customer behaviour.
  • How marketer behaviour should change.
  • What to expect next from artificial intelligence.

Who should read this report?

This guide has been written primarily for C-suite and marketers but is equally applicable to advertising or marketing teams.