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Marketing Pain Points and How to Overcome Them

By Econsultancy,


Modern marketers live in exciting times with unprecedented opportunities to play a vital role in the commercial success of their companies. However, there are also numerous challenges and obstacles which can hinder a marketer’s ability to succeed. 

Marketing Pain Points and How To Overcome Them, produced in partnership with SmartFocus, ranks 17 pain points experienced by marketers, with a diagnosis and suggested remedy for each problem. As well as analysis by Econsultancy, the report contains insight and advice from a number of leading marketing experts who prescribe advice on how an array of challenges can be overcome.

What you'll learn from this report

  • Discover which pain points are most prevalent among marketers, and expert remedies to mitigate the pain
  • Find out the data challenges that lead to the biggest headaches, and how they can be alleviated
  • Compare opinions on how the skills required to be a marketer have evolved over recent years
  • Understand the importance of context to the future of marketing

Features in the report

This 55-page report focuses on these key themes:

  • Identifying the pain points most likely to give marketers a migraine and what can be done to address the problems
  • Why are companies struggling to make data actionable?
  • The challenges that come with IT and various marketing technologies
  • Finding the time and resources for optimisation

Who is this report aimed at?

This report is aimed at all marketing professionals. It is particularly useful for marketers that are struggling with the tenets of "modern marketing", including using data, developing personalisation and contextualisation capabilities, and optimisation.

Contributing Authors

Table of contents

1. Executive Summary

  • Methodology
  • Acknowledgements
  • About Econsultancy

2. Foreword by SmartFocus

3. Marketing pain points

4. Data challenges

5. Marketing technologies

6. Skills of today’s marketer

7. Appendix: respondent profiles


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