The Media Budgets Index, published by Econsultancy in association with Datalicious, compares and contrasts the relationship between where marketers are spending their money and where consumers are spending their time. This global report is designed to pull together findings from new research, and also provide recommendations on opportunities within online and traditional media spend.

Based on the findings of an online survey across senior staff from a range of sectors and regions, in-depth interviews with marketers and ecommerce leads across the regions covered, and desk research, this report compares and contrasts spending habits, consumer habits and marketing trends.

The research offers valuable insight into an area which so far has not been explored to such an extent: are advertisers wasting their money, putting money into channels their consumers ignore?

Key areas covered in the report

  • Country comparison index – how does marketers’ advertising spending match up to where consumers in their region are spending time? The report includes country profiles on Australia/New Zealand, India, Singapore, the UK and the US.
  • Where are organisations allocating their budgets and how is this allocation decided?
  • Who holds responsibility for approving spend across the media mix and what are the roadblocks to increasing digital spend?
  • Are marketers’ attitudes matching up to reality? Are consumers actually spending their time on the channels we assume they are?