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Online Media Report

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About this Report

Econsultancy's Online Media Report, which has a US focus but is relevant for a global audience, examines the online advertising ecosystem and the evolution of media buying in the past decade. At more than 40 pages long, the report contains valuable insights into the changes undergone by this market and where it is all headed.

This document includes the latest market trends and addresses issues like:

  • Differences between traditional and online media buying

  • Prospects of display ad spending versus search and performance-based platforms

  • Most important display growth drivers

  • Future direction of the traditional agency model

  • Factors fueling the growth of demand-side platforms

  • Impact of demand-side platforms and ad exchanges on the ecosystem

  • Evolving relationship between the sell side and buy side


  1. Online Media at the Crossroads
    1. How we got here
    2. The agency challenge part 1: marketers take the reins
    3. The agency challenge part 2: destroy the silos
    4. The agency challenge part 3: the rise of the platforms
    5. Early days for agency platforms
    6. The publishers’ dilemma
    7. Short history of media unbundling
  2. The Role of Ad Nets, Ad Exchanges, and DSPs
    1. The pork bellies debate
    2. Rumours of ad networks’ demise have been greatly exaggerated
    3. Mobile ad net agonies
  3. The Rise of Ad Exchanges
    1. Display comes out of search’s shadow
    2. Google’s exchange and DSP plans
    3. The sell side, the buy side, and Google
    4. No, Google won’t dominate display
    5. Google and display’s discontents
    6. Up next: Is Google looking to own the DSP space?
  4. Ad Nets, Ad Exchanges and the Vicious Cycle
    1. Real-time bidding abetted by DSPs
    2. The evolution of exchanges and DSPs
    3. Many small challengers to the display throne
    4. Supply-side platforms run to publishers’ rescue
    5. What’s to come
  5. The Value of Display
    1. Publishers’ positions
    2. The banner is dead! Long live the banner!
    3. Kill the click?
  6. Conclusion

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