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Media Growth Trends Report 2012

By Stefan Tornquist,

There is a newer version of this report available: 2014 Media Growth Study



The second annual Econsultancy report on Media Growth Trends is an in-depth continuation of last year’s study, in partnership with The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. JEGI is the leading independent investment bank for the media, information, marketing services and technology sectors. The goal for this report was to capture senior media, information, marketing services and technology executives’ outlook on growth opportunities and key challenges as the industry continues to respond to dramatic changes in the media and technology landscape.

About This Report

The survey, conducted by Econsultancy in the third quarter of 2011 in conjunction with JEGI, was fielded to top executives at businesses across the media, information, marketing services and publishing technology sectors. Nearly 90% of the respondents described themselves as being CEOs, CMOs or members of the Board of Directors for their organization. 

The latter part of the two-phased approach included qualitative, one-on-one discussions with selected respondents to explore the context behind the data. Coinciding with Jordan, Edmiston’s 25th anniversary of serving these fast-changing and dynamic markets, this year’s survey saw more than 300 c-level executives globally provide their insights and outlook on business in 2012. This year’s report builds on the findings of last year, while adding to the scope of discussion. Emerging topics include the need for faster product development, the role of technology in product development and the strategies for attracting hard to find talent. 

Questions that the Media Growth Trends Report 2012 addresses:

  • How can large, traditional publishers compete with nimble, digital-only or digitally centric competitors?
  • What are the necessary components for successful new product development?
  • How do you attract skilled talent, and once you do, how do you integrate, retain and compensate them accordingly?
  • What is the role of acquisition in publisher's plans for 2012, and what obstacles do they face?
  • How does the ever present topic of “big data” relate to new product development for publishers?
  • How are publishers allocating capital budgets to key areas such as technology, talent and acquisitions?

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword from JEGI
  2. Executive Summary 
  3. Methodology 
  4. Growth Drivers 
  5. Challenges to Growth 
  6. Mergers and Acquisitions 
  7. Investment Breakdown 
  8. Respondent Demographics

Table of Figures

Figure 1: Growth Drivers 

Figure 2: Cloud – Capitalizing on Growth Opportunities 

Figure 3: Systemic Barriers to Growth by Revenue Size 

Figure 4: Cloud – Overcoming the Systemic Obstacles to Growth 

Figure 5: Internal Barriers to Growth by Company Revenue 

Figure 6: Cloud – Overcoming the Internal Barriers to Growth 

Figure 7: Expectation of Acquisition(s) in  Next 12 Months 

Figure 8: Expectation of Divestiture(s) in  Next 12 Months 

Figure 9: Financing Acquisitions in the Next 12 to 24 Months 

Figure 10: Challenges to Acquisitions 

Figure 11:  Share of Capital Investment in Next 12 Months 

Figure 12:  Cloud – What Investment is Paying the Best Dividends? 

Figure 14: Company Revenue 

Figure 15: Type of Company by Sector 

Figure 16: Respondent Titles


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