Smartphones are now the ubiquitous hub of modern life and account for the most time spent online. In a multiscreening world where consumers move between multiple devices to achieve their goals, mobile, in many ways, is the glue that holds other marketing channels together and this is why businesses are increasingly focusing on mobile marketing and making it a priority area. 

The Mobile Marketing Best Practice Guide examines the current mobile environment and provides an overview of the various channels available to mobile marketers. The report outlines the strategic approaches, use cases, considerations and useful guidelines for marketers to consider when devising their mobile strategy and offers best practice recommendations on creating better mobile experiences.

In particular, this report will help (and is aimed at):

  • Specialists in digital marketing teams who are actively involved in improving results from mobile marketing activities.
  • Managers of digital marketing specialists who control digital marketing and want to improve their strategic understanding of mobile marketing.
  • Managers and team members who want to understand the issues involved with successful planning, implementation and integration of mobile marketing activities.
  • Digital marketers in agencies who are looking to increase their skills and gain a comprehensive understanding of mobile marketing.