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Mobile Sophistication and Strategy Report

By Stefan Tornquist, Econsultancy,

About this report

Produced in conjunction with Kontagent, a leading mobile customer intelligence solutions provider, this report takes a hard look at how organizations and agencies are responding to the ever-expanding reach and importance of mobile. It draws conclusions from a January 2013 survey of active users in the space: 1,301 representatives from agencies and client-side firms offered frank opinions about their businesses' mobile performance so far and what may change in the future.

Respondents naturally divided into two camps: 

  1. Mobile first businesses – Companies that count mobile as their main funding stream or whose customers or audience(s) primarily access their site(s) via mobile devices, and 
  2. The mobile mainstream – The bulk of respondents whose mobile programs cut across business sectors and company types.

Both groups shared thoughtful responses that provide a fresh view on organizations’ capabilities around mobile analytics and measurement, as well as best practices that lead to highly optimized mobile programs.

Key findings

  • A majority of companies do not have a well-defined mobile strategy or fail to track mobile-specific KPIs. 
  • Most mainstream mobile programs are not focused on revenue. 
  • The app ecosystem is firmly rooted and is the main monetization source for many. 
  • Agencies believe marketing organizations fall short of mobile expectations.

Table of contents

  1. Executive summary
  2. Foreword by Kontagent
  3. Methodology
  4. Mobile strategy and goals
  5. The agency view on mobile
  6. The mobile experience
  7. Focus on mobile apps
  8. Focus on mobile sites
  9. Focus on mobile and data
  10. Mobile sopphistication compared
  11. Appendix of respondent profiles


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