Much has been written on mobile strategy and the benefits of having one, but less has been written about the practicalities of defining and structuring that strategy and less still on the commercial implications of technology and information architecture (IA) decisions.

Enter Econsultancy’s Mobile Web Design and Development Best Practice Guide – containing everything you need to know about design and development for mobile, dissecting the technical challenges and commercial implications of the key mobile site development options.

What you’ll learn from this research

  • The importance of mobile optimisation and the factors influencing commercial decision-making.
  • How to effectively evaluate which mobile development approach is most relevant to your specific business needs.
  • The potential risks involved with mobile web development, to enable effective decision-making.
  • Advice from experienced ecommerce practitioners into planning and implementing mobile design strategies.
  • Considerations for adopting one or more of the development approaches, illustrated with case studies references from ecommerce websites.

Who should read this report?

While modern digital teams have made great leaps in their UX knowledge, understanding of the technical implications (both short- and long-term) of mobile development choices lags behind.

If you are considering investing in mobile commerce, this report will help you to rationalise the opportunity and understand technical implications to provide an objective evaluation of the pros and cons for the principle development techniques: responsive web design (RWD), adaptive web design (AWD) and mobile-specific development platforms (MDP).

It is relevant to the following audiences:

  • C-suite executives
  • Heads of ecommerce
  • Heads of mobile strategy
  • Heads of IT
  • Agency directors and account managers
  • Independent consultants

Features of the report

At 200 pages in length, the report has been split into the following sections:

Within each section we explore the technical and commercial implications for developing a mobile site, covering:

  • What exactly does the development method mean?
  • How it works – getting under the hood to look at the technical nuts and bolts.
  • Technical challenges and considerations for ecommerce teams.
  • Commercial pros and cons.
  • Example websites that have adopted this approach.

The report also includes expert commentary from ecommerce practitioners who are at the sharp end of mobile commerce, both in client-side teams implementing and managing a mobile strategy or agencies and consultants working closely with client teams.