The Mobile Websites and Apps Optimization Best Practice Guide, written by Craig Sullivan, Group Customer Experience Manager for Belron, aims to encourage companies to use this growing channel effectively. By designing around customers, their handsets, context and goals, companies can maximize visitor traffic and conversions.

The tips and techniques described in this comprehensive series of reports are designed to help you make good decisions about mobile, optimize for your mobile audience and improve user experience and mobile conversion rate. The guide includes a detailed list of some killer resources, articles and books, as well as examples of mobile optimized sites and statistics.

Seven Ways to Optimize your Mobile Strategy

In this report, Craig outlines how to identify your opportunities to target the growing mobile audience out there. He also explains why the gap between apps and mobile sites is closing, and why this is important to us all, when considering strategy.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. About Econsultancy
    2. About the author
  2. Rule #1 – Know Thy Device
  3. Rule #2 – Get Good Mobile Analytics
  4. Rule #3 – Hunt Opportunity, Not Myths
  5. Rule #4 – Kill Your Own Myths
  6. Rule #5 – End Device Discrimination, Today
  7. Rule #6 – Mobile Performance is Vital
  8. Rule #7 – It’s About the Audience, not the Religion
  9. Conclusion
  10. Resources