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Music Online – Top Issues, Trends, Resources

By Econsultancy,

What are the top issues on the minds of those within the Music sector as regards online? What do they think the trends will be for music online over the next 12 months? What resources do they use to stay ahead of the game? Find out in this document which summarises the top issues, trends and resources given by those attending the the ‘Music Online' roundtable event that e-consultancy held on 24th June 2003. Questions addressed include:

  • What is most effective in persuading music buyers to use legitimate paid-for services versus illegitimate ones?
  • How should music online be priced? Is there any way to avoid extreme pressure on margins? (CDs and Downloadable)
  • Can online channels successfully help meet challenges such as increasing fragmentation of the audience by genre and geography/language, and the increase in media cost trying to reach audiences?
Details of the event and attendees are in the roundtable section of the site. Input from Kodime, BMG, WHSmith Online, MTV, Humans and Machines, 02, Wippit, HMV, Universal Music, OD2,, Cherrylink, Shazam, Fathom Partners


  • Word Disabled Music Online – Top Issues, Trends, Resources (354 KB Microsoft Word)

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