The outcome of the EU referendum in 2016 and the negotiations that followed brought economic volatility and a prevailing uncertainty. The response of those in the marketing and digital industries has been pragmatic and focused on building their existing core strengths.

This report gathers the opinions of business leaders, marketers and HR professionals, and reflects on a range of evidence of consumer and industry behaviours since 23 June 2016.

From a talent perspective, companies are navigating the changing landscape to retain their position as attractive, inclusive employers. Retaining and growing existing international relationships is also a priority, impacted by both the UK’s withdrawal from the EU in an operational sense and the cultural impact of Brexit.

Companies must ensure they refocus their export strategies and understand opportunities for growth outside of domestic markets. The immediate economic turbulence following the membership referendum has subsided. However, as negotiations continue to shape the future relationship of the UK and the EU, business must prepare for future currency fluctuations and their impacts both to operational cost bases and customer behaviours.