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Many Voices, One Message (Online Communications)

By Stefan Tornquist,

Many Voices, One Message: Shaping Valuable Conversations in Fragmenting Channels explores the current state of online communications through the eyes of senior communications executives from around the world. Produced in association with Bite Communications, the report includes chapters on the collision between digital and traditional communications, new roles for communications teams, the prospects for automation and skill sets for communicators in the future-present.

This 32 page report is based on lengthy interviews with over 50 senior communications executives from Asia, Europe and North America. It is relevant to executive management, as well as anyone in the fields of PR, marketing communications, social media and human resources/recruiting.

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Many Voices, One Message is broken into the following sections:

The Digital Shift - how and why storytelling has evolved in digital media, the disruptive role of social media channels and the eternal question of internal struggles to "own" social media

New Roles for Communications - the role of Comms/PR in content development, changes to communications budgets and assessing the legal and brand risks of social communications

Automating Chaos - measurement, technologies for influencer identification and new capabilities in listening

New Skills, Old Skills - how roles are changing, what skills persevere and which are emerging as must haves and a rundown of the skills that should be found in the communications team as a whole

Many Voices, One Message - conclusions the common threads shared by organizations that are thriving in the new communications environment

The report also includes an addendum, Agencies Step Forward, on the role of outside partners in the evolution of organizational communications.

 Some examples of the more than 35 key findings identified in Many Voices, One Message:

  • The single greatest need expressed by the executives we interviewed was for a better capability in creating content. They see the necessity for exciting, engaging and often entertaining content which can build and sustain viral momentum.
  • Respondents say that the walls between communications silos are breaking down. Coalescing teams, talent and technology is seen as a necessity when the lines of communication are always open to an ever wider set of audiences.
  •  Companies must develop a digital skill set to complement their traditional competencies. They have to learn new communications platforms, explore emerging channels and be able to tell their stories with an expanding palette of creative options. 
  •  The future is arriving at different times for specific regions and industries. Respondents in parts of Asia see change as inevitable, but slower moving than in the West. 

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